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  • When is the Prep School Lacrosse Showcase held?
    Annually - it is always the 1st Sunday after Memorial Day
  • How long has the Prep School Lacrosse Showcase been in existence?
    ​2021 will be our 11th annual event
  • Where do attending players come from?
    For our first event in 2011 they came from only 29 different schools, all located in the Northeast. Our event in 2019 featured players from well over 120 different schools. Players came from all over the country, including California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, the Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-West.
  • Is this your only Showcase event?
    Yes, we only have interest in doing one Showcase event. We will never do more than this one - we are only interested in quality, not quantity. Once annually is enough.
  • Does a player have to attend a private school to attend?
    Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding NO. Public school players have and will continue to attend. It is simply that the timing of the event appeals more to a private school player.
  • What is the game format?
    Players make up 16 total teams. Each team is guaranteed to play 4 games
  • Are the comments in your Showcase Chatter tab true?
    Absolutely. We can't make that stuff up. We take great pride in only putting on TOP TOP quality events that are meaningful to both the student athlete and his/her family, and the college coaches.
  • When are Showcase invitations sent out?
    ​We begin sending invitations out in the fall that precedes the Showcase. The invitation process is on-going and may last until the spring. We will often delay sending invited to freshman until after their spring tryouts for their high school team.
  • What is your Refund Policy?
    Should the Prep School Lacrosse Showcase cancel the event for any reason other than Acts of God, weather or if a player can confirm his verbal commitment to an NCAA lacrosse program, participants will be provided with a full refund. No refund will be provided due to Acts of God, which includes weather or for any other reason.
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